5 Simple Local Link-building tips for 2016

Local Link building tips for 2016

There is a huge difference between practising traditional link building and local link building. Traditional link building focuses on getting inbound links from sites that have a high Domain Authority (DA) to boost rankings in the search engine results. However, with respect to local link building, even if the site has a low DA, it can bring a surge in your rankings. Acquiring new customers to your local business can be challenging. Local link building will take a lot of time and effort to show results.

Here are a few tips on how to engage local businesses more effectively and create an impact on the search engine results.

Submit your Business to Local Directories

This is an age-old SEO tradition that has proved effective in boosting local relevancy. For instance, when people search for hotels or restaurants in an area and if the local directory to which you have submitted your hotel or restaurant gets clicked, it will be beneficial for your business.

If you are choosy in listing your website in online directories, you will be missing out on something big. Submit your business in every possible local directory. This way, you can increase the chance of your site being found by online visitors.

Create a Local Resource Page

Show visitors that you are an expert in your locality. Include a page in your website that has information that is specific to your area. This will result in a better engagement with the local audience. For instance, if you include useful information about your area, other local sites will also be likely to link to your page. This way you can increase the inbound links and in turn, enhance the visibility of your local business.

Nominate Yourself to Local Awards or Recognitions

You can find groups relevant to your business in your locality and there’s a good possibility that these groups conduct special recognitions and awards for deserving businesses. For example, if you are in a restaurant business, there might be a poll on the best restaurant in that particular area. If you register in the poll, people would see your nomination in the list and it can in turn, spread the word about your existence.

Sponsor/Host Events

It can be ceremonies hosted by clubs or charities, spend some buck in sponsoring them. While you are going to spend for a good cause, it will also result in positive exposure for your business in that community.

You can also take center stage and host a community event. This can also work wonders in promoting your business.

Provide Discounts

Whether it is university, college or alumni associations, reach out to them and let them know that you provide discounts. This can definitely increase your online presence. Military discounts can also get you quality local links.