The Role of SEO in Inbound Marketing

seo in inbound marketing

Inbound marketing mainly refers to using content strategically to attract customers to your website. The focus lies on attracting customers by creating quality content that is useful to potential customers in the form of blogs, know how videos, graphics etc.

While content creation and personalization is the most important part of inbound marketing, it is the distribution of content that requires the expertise of a professional SEO.

Role of SEO in Inbound Marketing

More often than not, one heavily relies on content writers for inbound marketing, which is of course important, as gibberish will only drive people away. However, how do you ensure that your helpful and quality content reaches the users?

More often than not, writers focus on the quality of language, not necessarily on keywords or strategies that would help increase your SERP rankings. This is where SEO experts come in – professional SEO can turbo charge your inbound marketing strategies making the content more visible.


Link building is essential and can increase the trustworthiness and ranking of your page by leaps and bounds, however, black hat SEO techniques are no longer acceptable and good links are only earned or organic links. Have professional SEO experts use their knowledge and skill to position your content optimally.

Keywords and Trends

An SEO professional is aware of latest trends and content marketing strategies and can provide keywords, trends and other valuable strategies that you can discuss with your copywriters for a web copy that can be easily found and shared.

Analytics and Metrics

Often, startups, established or new, are given to vanity metrics that can be lethal to growth. While the big numbers look good and feel good, if they are not followed up with actionable decisions and strategies, they are a waste of time and effort. SEO professionals know which metrics are important and what kind of data can drive actionable results.

The Technical Part

An SEO expert will handle the technical part of the content. Knowing search engines inside out, they can help create content that can be easily indexed or found (crawled, in fact) by search engines. Creating content for web is different from creating content for print, and this is the bridge you can effectively cross in your inbound marketing by employing SEO.

Effective marketing is about right content at the right time and right place and contrary to popular belief, the days of SEO are far from over. Tap in to the power of SEO to boost your inbound marketing measures. Using the right research and analytics can help you place your content in front of the right audience at the right time, that is when they are most open to viewing it!