Infographic On How to Perfectly Optimize Your Website for Google?

  Search Engine Optimization is one of the exclusive ways that one can use to propel content on the internet. However, when it comes to optimizing your website for Google, then you need a new play. URLs, on the other hand, can be an underrated asset on web pages. Not only do URLs provide crucial
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6 Essential Marketing Metrics You Should Measure For Success

  Many business institutions are turning to digital and content marketing as they seem to be the most effective and modern ways to promote a brand as well as encouraging attraction of products and services. As this trend develops at a significant rate, many techniques on how to measure the success of marketing efforts have
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eCommerce Marketing Strategies That Drive Success

  It is the dream of every eCommerce store owner to constantly increase traffic and conversions. However, you need some effective eCommerce marketing strategies if you dream of obtaining new customers and also make the old ones to keep coming back. An effective E-commerce business Strategy put in place will help you build your brand
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seo in inbound marketing

The Role of SEO in Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing mainly refers to using content strategically to attract customers to your website. The focus lies on attracting customers by creating quality content that is useful to potential customers in the form of blogs, know how videos, graphics etc. While content creation and personalization is the most important part of inbound marketing, it is
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digital agency

How To Position Yourself As A Leading Digital Agency?

The utter vastness of the digital world provides just about as much opportunities for a digital agency to shine. However, the fact can’t be denied that this same expanse has proven to make the competition tougher for just about any marketing agency to connect with their targeted audience, regardless of just how excellent their services
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local seo

Top 10 Critical Local Search Ranking Factors

Every smart local SE0 expert will tell you that a solid local SE0 strategy is essential for all local businesses in a competitive environment. That means pretty much every type of local business- large, medium or small enterprise (SMBs/SMEs). According to the new research conducted by an SE0 Guru, on-page SE0 copy-writing, inbound anchor text,
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seo trends

Top 7 SEO Trends That Will Dominate In 2016

Analysts and experts are of the opinion that 2015 was an exclusive year for SE0 due to the many updates the industry experienced. Mobile friendly algorithm that was a major game changer, for instance, was highly talked of in 2015. As a result, many non-mobile friendly sites were penalized by Google. Given that 2015 was
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Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager – A Step By Step Guide

Google Tag Manager is a very convenient tool used by marketers that enable them to edit, add or remove measuring and marketing tags without the intervention of a webmaster(s). This, therefore, hastens the process from the marketing outlook and frees the webmasters to work on other projects. With the Google Tag Manager, one is able
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online reputation

How to Manage your Online Reputation in 4 Proactive Steps

Despite anyone’s best efforts, businesses are bound to take a hit online. Be it through an unhappy customer voicing their discontent or an unscrupulous competitor trying to drag your brand through the mud. When this happens to your business, you need to have a plan to mitigate the damage and deal with bad press. However,
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Google Algorithm Update 2015

Google Algorithm Updates 2015: A Walkthrough

Over recent years, Google has rolled out a number of algorithm updates which have affected websites either positively or negatively. 2015 was not different. Although the updates weren’t as huge as the earlier years’ hummingbird, panda and penguin updates, they were significant enough to warrant some changes in SEO tactics. Here are the top Google
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