Top 5 Practices in Well Established Digital Agencies

5 digital agencies practices

Well-established digital agencies follow tried and true industry practices to improve their client’s online presence and better connect them to their target audience. Presented here are the top 5 practices that all digital marketing agencies should practice.

1. They Know Their Clients.

Leading agencies do their homework before working with any new clients. This involves learning about the client’s current online presence, organization structure, and target audience. This is also an opportunity for agencies to start building a relationship with their client via social media. It is important to keep up regular communication – remember to keep it professional, yet human.

2. They Research and Prepare In Advance.

Before meeting the client for the big kickoff presentation, ensure that the project is organized from day one. Cover every detail and make sure that everyone on your team is fully briefed. Everything from setting realistic expectations, reporting project milestones, and timetables need to be covered in advance.

3. Well-Established Digital Agencies Have The Right Tools for the Job.

Whether the agency handles a wide variety of clients or specializes in certain niche industries, knowing what tools to use for each client is of paramount importance. Not all platforms are ideally suited for every client.

During the research phase of your project, the agency should learn enough about the client and its target audience to determine what strategies and tools should be employed. Anchor the marketing campaign around the best platforms to provide the best results in the most efficient manner.

A word of caution, however; while the best-suited platforms should receive most of your attention, don’t completely ignore the others. By focusing on one platform only, you risk missing out on other opportunities. For example, video content is growing and now platforms like YouTube and Vimeo find themselves competing with Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram (all of which have introduced video support to their framework). Be confident in using the best tool for the job but don’t forget to extend your reach across a variety of platforms.

4. Communication with the Client is Considered a Top Priority.

A vital part of what a digital agency does is reporting to the client. By establishing the right metrics and a reasonable reporting schedule, agencies create accountability and a means of demonstrating their value to the client. By providing the client with a results dashboard to track these metrics, and adding insight to these results, you’ll help to guide your clients seamlessly through the marketing campaign.  This also allows them to easily follow their progress in reaching the goals that they set with you earlier.

5. Good Digital Marketing Consultants Understand and Deliver Quality Content.

Never before has great content been more valuable. Social media is growing every day and providing the business community with an ever expanding audience. Excellent content is what drives campaigns by making them more engaging.  This is rewarded with greater likes, shares, stickies, tweets, and viral-worthiness.

Digital Agencies Need These Qualities to Survive and Thrive

A well-established digital marketing agency will deliver a winning marketing strategy by knowing their clients, being prepared, using the right tools for the job, communicating with their clients and delivering superior content.  If you make these strategies a part of your regular procedures, you are sure to get winning results, both for your business and your clients.