Top 5 Questions Every Digital Marketer Should Ask Their Client

Getting to know a client is paramount to any working relationship. By asking the right questions, digital marketers can gain valuable insight into their client’s past experiences, goals and expectations. Here are the top 5 questions that every digital marketer should ask their clients. 1. What are the digital marketing strategies have you used in
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5 digital agencies practices

Top 5 Practices in Well Established Digital Agencies

Well-established digital agencies follow tried and true industry practices to improve their client’s online presence and better connect them to their target audience. Presented here are the top 5 practices that all digital marketing agencies should practice. 1. They Know Their Clients. Leading agencies do their homework before working with any new clients. This involves
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Tips to Jump Start Your Local SEO Strategy

3 Tips to Jump Start Your Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO techniques are often overlooked by small businesses.  Don’t make that mistake.  Local search terms can be an extremely lucrative source of search engine traffic and provide a steady source of new customers for your business.  Here are a few tips to jump start your local SEO strategy. 1. Your Local SEO Strategy Should
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